Thursday, September 5, 2013

West Hill Little Free Library is Official!

Welcome to Little Free Library #4094!

Thanks to Jill Swenson of Swenson Book Development, my Little Free Library is going to show up on the map! 

Jill contacted me saying that she had a registered number for a library, but no library to put it on! So we are going to work together- the way all good libraries function- to get my library promoted to the Ithaca public.

We already have a good location for foot travel at 24 Helen's Way... When you turn into Helen's Way, go to the top of the short road, where the gate is. It is a busy spot with a town maintained trailhead, people biking and walking by daily from EcoVillage, and endless dog walkers from West Haven Road. We have had a good response so far and many books have already come and gone from the library. Right now I have it stocked with a lot of children's and first reader books. So we could use some more adult books. They always disappear quickly! 

It turns out mine is the fourth LFL to show up in Ithaca. Check out the map here, (they have our info, but it will be a  month or so before we are on the map) to see the others and visit them. But if you are on the west hill or just passing through and want to share in the free books movement, stop by and take a book, leave a book, or BOTH!


Jill Swenson said...

Amanda, it is such a joy to see the Little Free Library on Helen's Way become an official site of this global movement. Congrats on being the steward of #4094. Thanks for "just doing it" and I'm glad to help you put it on the map. More adult fiction on its way!

Roberta said...

This is so incredible! Thanks for doing this and sharing. Next time I'm in Ithaca I will definitely look for your library.

Amanda K Jaros said...

Thanks Roberta! Glad you like it- consider making one of your own!!