Saturday, January 16, 2021

Dollhouse Bathroom

I'm making progress, step by step, on the dollhouse. The next room I tackled was the bathroom, which was fun and simple. I had the set of porcelain fixtures from my childhood, and decided to use them again here. However, the bathroom needed a cabinet of some kind, and so I set about building one. Balsa wood continues to amaze me. However, the craft glue leaves a residue that cracks under the paint, making the final product look unfinished. 


I rearranged things in the tiny bathroom and decided it had to be a half bath. With the new cabinet, there was just no room for the tub. I repainted the mirror and towel rack I had. Then made a few rolls of TP, a toilet brush, some soap (both boxed and a bar), and a jar of cotton balls. There's even a New York Times to read while you're in there. 

I folded some tiny towels into the cabinet, but still need to make some nice ones to hang on the rack. The box of tissues, the mop, and the toothbrush holder were all from my childhood and in great condition.

For now, the rubber ducky has to make do with the sink for swimming. Maybe when we get a bigger house he'll have more space in a tub!

Next up- The library!

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Dollhouse Greenhouse

It's been a good holiday week for crafting! Since the structure is complete, I began to focus first on the greenhouse and made lot of fun stuff. Rob got me my own Dremel tool for Christmas, which has been a good challenge to learn to use. Turns out I like making tiny things.

Balsa wood is an amazing material and with just a few measurements and cuts, I was able to create just the right furniture and accessories for the garden. 

Then there's clay, which allows for a whole other type of creation. 

Give me a glue bottle, some odds and ends, and a bin of paint colors and it seems I can come up with a greenhouse I'd love to step into. Only a couple of the items are reused from my childhood dollhouse stuff--the red bucket, the leafy green plant, the stool (repainted), and the pumpkin. The red cardinal, the pink flamingo, and the metal watering can were new purchases. The rest is homemade!

And here are some shots of the nearly complete greenhouse. I have big plans for more plants, but stay tuned for that. 

Next up is the dollhouse bathroom!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Dollhouse Rehab, Stage 3

With the dollhouse new construction finished, it was time to gut and strip down the rest. The wallpaper that we used when I was a kid has stood the test of time, and was securely attached to every wall. So I got out the sand paper and started to scrub. 

The place looked quite like a full-size house renovation, and acted like one too, with unexpected problems arising when you least expect it. I sanded and stripped as much as I could, but when I set the first coat of primer on the walls, the remaining paper puckered and swelled with the dampness. I was able to peel off most of the old paper, and finally able to put on a full coat of primer throughout the house. 

Then came time for flooring and walls. Sometimes a blank canvas can be overwhelming and after some Internet searching, it took me a trip around Lowe's looking at free flooring samples, digging through my mom's fabric stash, and buying a booklet of crafting paper to find the right style for each room.

The greenhouse was the easiest. A simple canvas-type covering for the floor and cream walls. The plants will be the main event here. 

The kitchen/dining room will be light and bright with polka dot linoleum and bright white walls. 

The two-story library has a soft, dark carpet and gold walls to create a cozy, reader-friendly atmosphere. 

The living room has a hardwood floor and amazing bird wallpaper. This room is my absolute favorite so far!

The bathroom will cheer everyone each day with pink tile and vibrant yellow walls.

And finally, the attic bedroom has teal and brown walls, with a stylish and subtle linoleum to keep the upstairs cool in these hot New York summers. 

It's inspiring how different this house looks now, and how much fun I'm having in every step of the process!

Friday, December 11, 2020

December 11

a whisper of warmth
breaks crystals apart into 
particles of breath