Saturday, February 27, 2021

Dollhouse Living Room

Even though this dollhouse has such a small space to fill, I struggled with how the living room should look. I kept the red velvet couch and the red fancy lamp from my childhood, and started to work around that. 

Of course, a TV was needed. So I made one from balsa, coated in nail polish for a shine. The birds switched the channel to the 2001 movie Winged Migration.

The cabinet came from a lot of furniture I bought, but it was hideous. The thick wooden doors were glued open. So I cut them off and sanded it down. With a fresh coat of shabby-chic paint, it looks much more suitable. 

I hadn't planned to use the rug from my childhood, but with the repainted cabinet, and the colorful walls, it actually fit right in. A few knitted pillows, more bird art, some magazines, and the vintage telephone make of this house a home. 

I'm almost done here - last room is the attic bedroom. I have been moving on to imagining the next house. Much more to come!

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Dollhouse Kitchen

As noted before, the dollhouse has been taken over by birds. And as it comes together the story of the inhabitant unfolds. 

Here's the kitchen and dining room- open concept of course. The table and chairs, shelf, and trick or treat bag were from my childhood. I made everything else (minus the rolling pin, trick or treat bag, pots, owl, and few other tidbits).

The woman who lives here is an ornithologist. She travels the world to study birds and has even discovered a new species! She recently left for the Galapagos to do more research, and since she left, the neighborhood birds have moved in. 

She doesn't eat super healthy food; she loves cake, cheese, sugary cereal, and Cheez-its, and makes frequent stops at Dunkin. The occasional carrot and watermelon slice does make its way in, and she has a couple great cookbooks!

It still could use some upgrades and final details, but it's a good kitchen, and I'd be happy to do my cooking here. 

Next up is the living room.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Dollhouse Library

I had great dreams for the dollhouse library at the beginning of the project. And while maybe it didn't turn out exactly as I envisioned, I think it's come quite a long way.

I took apart an old Japanese fan and used the bamboo to make the second floor railing and ladder. The bookcase is made of balsa wood, cut to fit perfectly into the space.  

Cedar got me the mini typewriter for Christmas, which goes perfectly on the desk I made. The old clock is from my childhood, and the flower is sitting in a fancy bead. 

Note the 2021 calendar!

The dresser was bought used, new-to-me. I made the atlas and hanging map. It's important to have good maps in any library! 

And, of course, good books. 
Here are a few of the classics that you'll find on the shelves.

And some more books and newspapers.

I also had my first try at reupholstery. I bought this ugly little armchair and knew it would find a new life in the library. 

I figured out how to take the backing off the seat cushion, then covered the front sides of everything in white fabric, to prevent the darker colors from coming through. 

The ottoman took a bit of figuring, but once I fiddled for a while, I found a way to made perfect corners. 

The odd shape of the chairback was tougher. I ended up adding a bit of cardstock and wool to cover up and straighten the notch in the sides. Then, using a bunch of oddly cut pieces of fabric, I proceeded to glue them on while preventing the seams from showing. 

I glued the seat cushion back on and added some beads for feet. 

And now you can put your feet up while you read.

If you've noticed a lot of birds in this house, that's because I've gone with a bird theme. Or rather, the birds keep showing up and are taking over the house. There's a story forming about the person who lives here, but I'll leave that one for another day. 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Dollhouse Bathroom

I'm making progress, step by step, on the dollhouse. The next room I tackled was the bathroom, which was fun and simple. I had the set of porcelain fixtures from my childhood, and decided to use them again here. However, the bathroom needed a cabinet of some kind, and so I set about building one. Balsa wood continues to amaze me. However, the craft glue leaves a residue that cracks under the paint, making the final product look unfinished. 


I rearranged things in the tiny bathroom and decided it had to be a half bath. With the new cabinet, there was just no room for the tub. I repainted the mirror and towel rack I had. Then made a few rolls of TP, a toilet brush, some soap (both boxed and a bar), and a jar of cotton balls. There's even a New York Times to read while you're in there. 

I folded some tiny towels into the cabinet, but still need to make some nice ones to hang on the rack. The box of tissues, the mop, and the toothbrush holder were all from my childhood and in great condition.

For now, the rubber ducky has to make do with the sink for swimming. Maybe when we get a bigger house he'll have more space in a tub!

Next up- The library!