Little Free Library 2.0

Ten years ago, I opened Little Free Library #4094.  Here is my original post about how that library came to be, along with pictures of my family working alongside me to create this little treasure box. Thanks to Jill Swenson , the library became official that year and I wrote this post .  In the years since, I have thoroughly enjoyed maintaining the library, cleaning it up, and taking and leaving books. There have been mice families living in it and a wide variety of ant and spider visitors. It has been well used by the neighborhood and many books have passed through its walls.  But time and weather took its toll and the old particle board couldn't stand up any longer. I knew its days were numbers and made plans to replace the old bookshop.   I paused some of my other projects and used the recent perfect spring weather to get outside and turn this old CD case into a new LFL. After reroofing with asphalt and a thick coat of spray paint, I once again engaged my family for a day of r

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