Saturday, May 4, 2013

Little Free Library

There once was a box.

A boring old box.

Then along came a family who wanted to make it into something a little more fun and friendly.

So they worked in the hot sun.

They cut,

and they danced,

and they painted,

until the box became less of a box, and more like something people might enjoy.
Details were added, and tiny touches of paint. And now the box has a new life... 

As a Little Free Library on our street.
You can stop by on your walk around the neighborhood and Take a Book, or Leave a Book, or BOTH!  

 Free Books for all!

The idea comes from  and while I haven't sprung for the $35 to register to be on their map, the library is up and available for use starting today!  (If anyone wants to donate a part of the registration fee to help out our little free library, drop me a note.)
So come on by, bring a book to share, or just pick one off the shelf to take home.  Most importantly, READ!

UPDATE Sept 7, 2013- Our LFL is now official! 
Thanks to Jill Swenson of Swenson Book Development. 


RSB said...

Nice pix, great story and wonderful way to inspire others! Congrats to you all. I'm comin' to Ithaca sometime to see this! P.S. I used to live in a chicken coop myself but it wasn't anywhere near as fancy as the one you all built.

Best of luck. --Rick B., LFL

Nicole Gauvin said...

I hope you do spring for the $35 to register - never know who might come to visit or from how far!

Amanda K Jaros said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Rick, and Nicole! I will probably register the LFL soon, just getting it up was the first step!
And Rick, I wish I could take credit for the Chicken coop, but my hubby built that- He's the expert builder :)
Happy reading...

Posegates said...

Cutest little library ever!!

Jill Swenson said...

Hi Amanda. Have you applied for LFL already? If not, I've got it and would be happy to make it an official LFL. So happy to see one here. Let's make it the first one in Tompkins County! Please contact me if interested.

Unknown said...

Amanda, I LOVE this! And I love the way you told it. Picture book possibility? -- Anne