The Continuing Fight for Women's Rights

Last week at the Legislature, I made a speech on the Roe decision, women's rights, and the pervasive misogyny of our society. A slightly edited version was printed in the Ithaca Times this week , and I'm posting it here now. The fight for equality must continue. ~~~~~ Today is an important day. 174 years ago today, on July 19, 1848, 300 women and men gathered in Seneca Falls, NY, to speak out about the inequality facing women, demand the same rights and freedoms that men held, and make known their discontent with the way this country was progressing. The Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention was the first convention of its kind in American history. From that convention, it took more than 70 years for women to gain the right to vote in 1919. Voting is a key right, for sure, but there are so many other freedoms not afforded to women. Sometimes the fight for equality goes slowly. Sometimes it goes backwards. Like right now, after the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe

Austrian Chalet Dollhouse - Part 1

I've fallen behind on posting pictures of my dollhouses. Here is the Austrian Chalet I completed at the end of the winter. It's fictionally located in the town of Obertauern, Austria, where the Beatles filmed part of their movie Help! It's a ski shop and bar, called the Amsel Berg Ski Haus. And it's owned by a gay couple; one runs the bar, the other the shop. I'm slightly late for Pride Month, but I hope everyone had a good one!

    At the bottom of the post you can see what the house looked like when I originally got it. 

Stay tuned for pictures of the inside!

The original house