In Support of Trans Rights

My colleague, Veronica Pillar, gave a powerful speech last night at the Legislature about supporting people's right to simply be who they are. Please read and share and support trans people however you can. --- I want to speak briefly on trans rights, because recently there has been an alarming sharp rise in anti-transgender rhetoric and policy. I'm sure you've heard of the bathroom bills that require kids to use bathrooms that match their genitals rather than their actual asserted gender. Other laws ban teachers from using their students' preferred pronouns.   I'm a teacher, I have trans students, and I would never call my students by pronouns they don't use because that is a denial of who they are. Several states are banning gender affirming healthcare for minors, essentially requiring teenagers to detransition.   Tennessee has banned wearing clothes that don't match the gender on your birth certificate. Florida is working on legalizing the kidnapping of

Austrian Chalet Dollhouse - Part 1

I've fallen behind on posting pictures of my dollhouses. Here is the Austrian Chalet I completed at the end of the winter. It's fictionally located in the town of Obertauern, Austria, where the Beatles filmed part of their movie Help! It's a ski shop and bar, called the Amsel Berg Ski Haus. And it's owned by a gay couple; one runs the bar, the other the shop. I'm slightly late for Pride Month, but I hope everyone had a good one!

    At the bottom of the post you can see what the house looked like when I originally got it. 

Stay tuned for pictures of the inside!

The original house