The Continuing Fight for Women's Rights

Last week at the Legislature, I made a speech on the Roe decision, women's rights, and the pervasive misogyny of our society. A slightly edited version was printed in the Ithaca Times this week , and I'm posting it here now. The fight for equality must continue. ~~~~~ Today is an important day. 174 years ago today, on July 19, 1848, 300 women and men gathered in Seneca Falls, NY, to speak out about the inequality facing women, demand the same rights and freedoms that men held, and make known their discontent with the way this country was progressing. The Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention was the first convention of its kind in American history. From that convention, it took more than 70 years for women to gain the right to vote in 1919. Voting is a key right, for sure, but there are so many other freedoms not afforded to women. Sometimes the fight for equality goes slowly. Sometimes it goes backwards. Like right now, after the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe

Nature on Instagram

Several years ago I regularly took my camera for a stroll through my backyard in search of nature to enjoy. I posted those strolls here, under the Backyard Artist Date label. Even just fifteen minutes out of the house, looking at leaves or spiders or the fish in the pond gave me a renewed energy for my daily work. And the act of photographing what I saw felt precious, like capturing a fleeting moment of life. I also shared a lot of those photos in the many Haiku I wrote. 

Back then, Instagram was in its early years, and I was entrenched in Facebook and not interested in starting a new social media platform. This spring, thoroughly bored of FB, I started an IG account and began posting. I'm amazed to discover how fun it is! And how much it's like my Backyard Artist Dates! Taking pictures of nature, flowers, trees, water, is something I deeply enjoy, and now I have the perfect place to put them. I'm not looking to break any followers records or find influencers. Rather, I think Insta for me will be a place to collect nature photos and see what amazing photos others are taking of our beautiful planet. There are some remarkable photographers out there!

If you've got photos to share, hop over to Instagram and find me, I'd love to take a look!