Saturday, February 27, 2021

Dollhouse Living Room

Even though this dollhouse has such a small space to fill, I struggled with how the living room should look. I kept the red velvet couch and the red fancy lamp from my childhood, and started to work around that. 

Of course, a TV was needed. So I made one from balsa, coated in nail polish for a shine. The birds switched the channel to the 2001 movie Winged Migration.

The cabinet came from a lot of furniture I bought, but it was hideous. The thick wooden doors were glued open. So I cut them off and sanded it down. With a fresh coat of shabby-chic paint, it looks much more suitable. 

I hadn't planned to use the rug from my childhood, but with the repainted cabinet, and the colorful walls, it actually fit right in. A few knitted pillows, more bird art, some magazines, and the vintage telephone make of this house a home. 

I'm almost done here - last room is the attic bedroom. I have been moving on to imagining the next house. Much more to come!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Love it! I want bird wallpaper in my own house now!