Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Dollhouse Kitchen

As noted before, the dollhouse has been taken over by birds. And as it comes together the story of the inhabitant unfolds. 

Here's the kitchen and dining room- open concept of course. The table and chairs, shelf, and trick or treat bag were from my childhood. I made everything else (minus the rolling pin, trick or treat bag, pots, owl, and few other tidbits).

The woman who lives here is an ornithologist. She travels the world to study birds and has even discovered a new species! She recently left for the Galapagos to do more research, and since she left, the neighborhood birds have moved in. 

She doesn't eat super healthy food; she loves cake, cheese, sugary cereal, and Cheez-its, and makes frequent stops at Dunkin. The occasional carrot and watermelon slice does make its way in, and she has a couple great cookbooks!

It still could use some upgrades and final details, but it's a good kitchen, and I'd be happy to do my cooking here. 

Next up is the living room.


Andrea said...

This is perfect! Love it!!!

Carol J. Painter said...

The absolute dollhouse of my dreams...I love the care you take with all of this. And for every new little thing...you make me happier and happier. So incredibly needed during these times. Thank you.