Saturday, January 2, 2021

Dollhouse Greenhouse

It's been a good holiday week for crafting! Since the structure is complete, I began to focus first on the greenhouse and made lot of fun stuff. Rob got me my own Dremel tool for Christmas, which has been a good challenge to learn to use. Turns out I like making tiny things.

Balsa wood is an amazing material and with just a few measurements and cuts, I was able to create just the right furniture and accessories for the garden. 

Then there's clay, which allows for a whole other type of creation. 

Give me a glue bottle, some odds and ends, and a bin of paint colors and it seems I can come up with a greenhouse I'd love to step into. Only a couple of the items are reused from my childhood dollhouse stuff--the red bucket, the leafy green plant, the stool (repainted), and the pumpkin. The red cardinal, the pink flamingo, and the metal watering can were new purchases. The rest is homemade!

And here are some shots of the nearly complete greenhouse. I have big plans for more plants, but stay tuned for that. 

Next up is the dollhouse bathroom!

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