Saturday, January 16, 2021

Dollhouse Bathroom

I'm making progress, step by step, on the dollhouse. The next room I tackled was the bathroom, which was fun and simple. I had the set of porcelain fixtures from my childhood, and decided to use them again here. However, the bathroom needed a cabinet of some kind, and so I set about building one. Balsa wood continues to amaze me. However, the craft glue leaves a residue that cracks under the paint, making the final product look unfinished. 


I rearranged things in the tiny bathroom and decided it had to be a half bath. With the new cabinet, there was just no room for the tub. I repainted the mirror and towel rack I had. Then made a few rolls of TP, a toilet brush, some soap (both boxed and a bar), and a jar of cotton balls. There's even a New York Times to read while you're in there. 

I folded some tiny towels into the cabinet, but still need to make some nice ones to hang on the rack. The box of tissues, the mop, and the toothbrush holder were all from my childhood and in great condition.

For now, the rubber ducky has to make do with the sink for swimming. Maybe when we get a bigger house he'll have more space in a tub!

Next up- The library!

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