Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Dollhouse Construction

As I noted in my previous post about My Childhood Dollhouse, I always felt like the thing was too small. In thinking about renovation, I let my imagination run wild. What I immediately went to was that this tiny house needs a greenhouse and a library. But before I could redecorate, I needed to do construction. 

I started with some egg carton masonry, to flex my crafting muscles a bit.    


After gluing the house to a baseboard, it was time for the greenhouse. I visited our local reuse center and the Salvation Army store for any little scraps of building supplies, then puzzled over the greenhouse for some time. Luckily, Rob works in construction. Though he's never done mini-construction, and I was able get a free consultation from him. 

With the help of an old pile of chopsticks, some wood glue, and some hard plastic packaging, a greenhouse was born!

The library posed altogether new challenges, namely two stories and another angled roof that was too tricky for me. Once again, Rob's construction expertise saved the day. I gave him the plans, and he cut the boards the correct sizes. 

What once was a tiny house, now is a slightly bigger tiny house. With construction complete, the real fun can begin- decorating!

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Andrea said...

This is so great! I never even thought of adding on (though a greenhouse and library are the perfect additions!). So good to have a husband who is game to play dollhouse!