Friday, February 28, 2014

Reviews on a Few Reviewers

I don't have a book review today. Instead I wanted to share a few review sites I enjoy. There are so many places to read book reviews, you could spend all your time reading reviews instead of the books themselves. So, if you are going to spend your time doing that, then make some of your stops on the Internet highway include these sites- they are definitely worth a little bit of linky love.

book reviews
~ When it comes to kid's books, first you have to stop by Sue Heavenrich's blogs. If you like science go to Archimedes Notebook. Today Sue's got a beautiful book by Melissa Stewart- Feathers ~ Not just for Flying. Sue has regular science book reviews, ideas on getting involved in the natural world, and just general outdoorsy fun going on at her blog. 

~If you want kid's books but not necessarily science, stop by Sue's other blog, Sally's Bookshelf. Sue definitely has birds on the brain because today she's got The Cuckoo's Haiku, by Michael J. Rosen. At Sally's Bookshelf, Sue reviews all kinds of kid's books and points the reader in the direction of quality kid lit.

~For art to match the lit, stop by Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, written by Jules Danielson. The focus here is on illustration, picture books, and art, but the popular site is a treasure trove of information, good reads, and quirky, fun, impossible things.

~Adult reading a bit more your flavor?  Check out Literary Mama's Literary Reflections posts. Each month Literary Mama editors share reviews on what they are reading at the moment. Could be mama related, might not be, but the editors shed light on what are currently on their bedside tables. Also each month editors offer reviews on a specific theme; February was Opportunity. There you'll find a list of books that speak to opportunities come and gone. Stop by in March for books that capture the idea of distance.

~Of course the big daddy of them all is Kirkus Reviews. (Or I suppose NYT Book Reviews, or LA Times Book Reviews, or Booklist, or Publisher's Weekly, but you know...) Personally, for me the site has an overwhelming amount  of information to take in. There are all kinds of books, blogs, articles, links, and contests. It's like the encyclopedia of book reviews. If you've got a day, stop over there, but be warned- you may never emerge again.

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Sue Heavenrich said...

oh wow - I'm on the same list as Seven Impossible Things... I am honored!