Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Balance Wednesday- Try Something New

I am a writer. I have known this for a long long time, yet, it has only been a few years since I have begun to believe that writing can actually be a way of life for me. Fortunately, I found the Artist's Way program (and blogged about it here), and have constantly moved myself in steps towards my goal... to be a beautiful and prolific publishing writer.

I started out with Picture Books, books of science and nature, distilled down to a few little words to bring a love of the outdoors to kids. I adore picture books. What I don't quite adore is the process of getting a picture book published. It just happens so rarely. But I am still plugging away at that, thanks to my strong and demanding critique partners.

At some point I moved in to writing nature essays, literary essays for adults (with a few parenting essays thrown in). Lyrical, experience-based, and woven tightly around a central theme. I had a small success in receiving the honor of having my essay "Deserted Valley" published in Pilgrimage magazine. This was a huge leap for me. It rocked my world and allowed me to feel quite accomplished... for a while. I keep plugging away at the nature essays and am trying to hone that craft as well.

But lately, I have had a strange urge to try something new... writing articles. Still, of course, on the nature theme, but short, to the point reportage on local nature happenings around Ithaca. It is a place to start. If I find I am any good at this kind of writing, bigger markets await. So I asked around, wrote a few things, read a book or two, interviewed a couple people, and voila... 

I'm a journalist.

My first article in the local paper, the Tompkins Weekly is out this week. Thanks to Camille Doucet for taking the time to talk. Check out her story on Page 9.


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