Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Balance Wednesday- Take Pictures

Lately, I have been particularly uninspired. With what started as a week vacation from writing, turning into a sick week, then a school break week, and lots of family obligation, my creative juices are utterly stagnant. It's a constant battle to fight off the guilty voices that are ordering me to get to work and create something!

Right now however, I am not sure I can create anything. But in thinking about this series and working on balance, I realized I can capture what the Earth is creating right now. The past few days have been stunningly gorgeous. So I took my camera outside and breathed in the fresh spring air. I aimed and clicked, and noticed new life. And while the lovely flowers just beginning to bloom in my backyard didn't heal all the old wounds or spur my writing to new heights, taking the time to take pictures did give me a few moments of calm and gratitude, and a tiny twinge of hope.


Jamie said...

Great pictures! You mojo will come back, don't worry!! :)

Sue Heavenrich said...

you're a week ahead of this hilltop gardener... flowers! our daffy-dills just started opening.
Walking with a camera is the best therapy for being stuck. If nothing else, you get some exercise and see beauty.