Friday, December 21, 2012

Peaceful Piggy Meditation

A week ago, tragedy befell a small town in Connecticut.  Every day since then I have wavered between the deepest of gratitude that I still have my little son and stepdaughter with me this Christmas, and a mind-numbing sorrow for those who did indeed lose their children, friends, coworkers, siblings, and parents last week.  This kind of loss is inconceivable.

I haven't been through such a terrible loss, and I hope I never have to first hand.  But one way I know to cope with the most basic of life's ups and downs is to meditate. 

Peaceful Piggy Meditation by Kerry Lee MacLean, is a simply written and colorfully illustrated guide to how and why meditation can keep you sane in a world of stress and suffering.  This book is an inspiration to keep on the meditation path myself, and to share the benefits of meditation with my kids.  And it is perfect way to help kids understand meditation.

I know the people of Newtown have a lot of feelings rushing through them all right now.  I wish for them that they can find ways, perhaps through meditation, to weave through the suffering and find a little peace again someday.

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Katrina Morse said...

Very nice book! It's a great one to introduce children to some life strategies they can take into adulthood. Thanks for sharing. Peace to all!