Friday, October 12, 2012

The Tree of Life

Beautiful.  Full of depth and life, and giving so much information that it all- and when I say it all, I mean it ALL- somehow makes sense.  This, my friends, is what I aspire to. 

I adore Peter Sis' The Tree of Life.  It is a picture book yes, but it is so much more.  It is Art.  It is also the story of Charles Darwin, a name you might know.  He was a young lad who fancied himself a naturalist, even as his family pushed him towards practical work where he would be more successful.  Somehow the fellow got aboard a ship headed for the new world and began a long adventure of study, where he came to see the Earth in a way that none of the 19th century ever had. 

He documented his observations, and wrote extensively through the years about all he learned.  Eventually coming to the conclusion and informing the human race that he had scientific evidence that we are descendent from apes.  Sis, with stunning illustrations done by himself, documents Darwin's travels and journals and publications and family life with his own microscopical and detailed eye. 

This is not a book to be taken lightly, or to be taken in only once.  Read it again and again.  Soak it in.  Study the artwork.  Pour over the detail.  It's beauty is worth your time.  Trust me.

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