Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I am an unpublished writer. I thought I'd just clarify that. I write whenever I get the chance and not even a verbose 6 year old and a rebellious 14 year old on summer vacation can keep me from it. I have to write, I am compelled to write, I need to write. Sure, I can go a day without it. About as easily as you can go a day without air.

I am an unpublished writer. I sit alone with my thoughts, reflecting on life, trying to phrase a few words together that might just connect some unknown reader to an idea I once had. It is a solitary, thoughtful process, and one that equals a lot of time in ponderation. My wrists get sore sometimes, my butt is tired of sitting, but my brain feels wide and vast when I am putting words together.

I am an unpublished writer. My words go unnoticed. There is little I can say that would draw me a crowd. I am my own whole world, and also, unknown.

I am an unpublished writer. No one pays me to write. I do it because I choose to. No one will mourn the story in my head that never gets put down on paper. But I might. In fact, I know I will.

I am an unpublished writer. I am reveling in that right now. Because one day, I won't be. I'll be an author, and I'll never be able to go back.

I am an unpublished writer. For now.

(re-posted from July 2012)


Diane Lauzun said...

Lovely...and yes - you are only unpublished for now! And I can add that I get the privilege of reading your ideas in the early stages. For that, I add, "YAY!"

Katrina Morse said...

I say, the most important thing is that you say IT, whatever it is, and that it is for YOU, and on this platform, called the internet, you have NO IDEA who has read your thoughts and how those people will be affected by your ideas...the ripples begin and only will be more intense in magnitude when you are "published"... can't wait!

Amanda K Jaros said...

Thanks guys, for reading and for the encouragement:)