Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I am an unpublished writer. I thought I'd just clarify that. I write whenever I get the chance and not even a verbose 6 year old and a rebellious 14 year old on summer vacation can keep me from it. I have to write, I am compelled to write, I need to write. Sure, I can go a day without it. About as easily as you can go a day without air.

I am an unpublished writer.  I sit alone with my thoughts, reflecting on life, trying to phrase a few words together that might just connect some unknown reader to an idea I once had.  It is a solitary, thoughtful process, and one that equals a lot of time in ponderation.  My wrists get sore sometimes, my butt is tired of sitting, but my brain feels wide and vast when I am putting words together.

I am an unpublished writer.  My words go unnoticed.  There is little I can say that would draw me a crowd.  I am my own whole world, and also, unknown.

I am an unpublished writer.  No one pays me to write.  I do it because I choose to.  No one will mourn the story in my head that never gets put down on paper.  But I might.  In fact, I know I will.

I am an unpublished writer.  I am reveling in that right now.  Because one day, I won't be.  I'll be an author, and I'll never be able to go back. 

I am an unpublished writer.  For now.

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