Friday, July 13, 2012


I've seen several of Roxie Munro's other maze books, all of which Cedar liked very much.  But for science-types EcoMazes takes the cake.  It has the same two page spread of maze fun, but each of these is drawn amongst a different habitat on Earth.  And with the wildlife that would actually live there.  The maze instructions are to help various animals- including humans- get from one spot to another, stopping at dens or campfires or ponds along the way. 

How did Munro know how to draw all these ecosystems?  Well, she's got a great explanation on her website.  But in short, she's traveled a lot!  She used current and previous experiences around the world to base her work on.

In the brief time I spent looking through this book with Cedar, we were able to discuss predator- prey relationships, camping ethics, canoeing, and desert life.  He then went on to spend quite a bit more time doing every single page of mazes, again.  For a parent who does not use iPads, ebooks, or all the apps of technologically modern life, this old school interactive book is a perfect choice.  My kid used his finger to trace along the pathways that the penguin needed to travel to get to the baby penguin, put a beaver to work, and help a polar bear find its way. Nothing jumped out at him, no sounds played.  He simply used his vivid and bright imagination to enjoy the colorful pages at his own pace.  He liked it.  I liked it.  A simple science time was had by all.  What could be better?

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Sue Heavenrich said...

This is an awesome book - fun for kids of all ages (even us science geek moms!) I highly recommend it - it's worth spending time with.

Roxie said...

Wow! This is one of the coolest reviews I've ever received, Amanda!And you did your research. Also on my website in the "For Kids" section are some mazes (and coloring sheets) that Cedar can print out, including three from this book.

amanda said...

Thanks for stopping by Sue- always love your comments:)

Thanks to you Roxie for the great book, and also for stopping by my blog:) It's time to return your book to the library, but we are reluctant too. thanks for the tip on the rest of your website- we'll check it out for more.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

It sounds like a great tool for kids and parents to engage in a dialogue in addition to the fun of doing the maze.