Friday, June 22, 2012

Earth, Sea, Sun, and Sky

Earth Sea, Sun, and Sky: Art in Nature by Barbara Stieff is a most beautiful book.  Though the flow of the book is a little random to me, it easily takes you on a journey through nature, with the eyes of an artist.  Everything from how we in modern human society blend culture with parks, to the ways in which the ancient Roman empire added gardens to their houses is covered.  There are lessons on labyrinths and Spanish sculpture gardens, ice art and sun tunnels, and tips on taking your parents on an art in nature field trip.

Every page offers a brief tidbit of how nature has played a part in human life, or how humans have played a part in nature.  The words are in narrative form, presenting facts and stories all wrapped up into one paragraph, while the images are astounding and brilliant, making you want to go outside and create your own art immediately.  There are endless ideas to offer the reader new ways of seeing. 

It is truly a great resource for sparking ideas, inspiring disbelief, and causing a desire to step outside and turn your own ideas into reality.  I think this book is a gem that blends the beauty of art with the science of nature.

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