Monday, February 13, 2012

sick days

There's not much writing getting done lately. Cedar and I are still sick.  Rob got in on the action too and spent a long four day weekend sick as well.  With the kid home, and me still with this fever, I feel completely derailed from writing anything at all.  I am off the track and uncertain when I will be getting back on.  3 and 1/2 weeks of a low grade fever is making me insane.  It's wild how a little cold bug can alter everything!

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portia said...

This happened to me last year. I was sick for a really long time and ended up with a sinus infection and two ear infections. It was extremely depressing too. So, make sure you see a doc if you have major stuffed-up-ed-ness. And give yourself a break - being sick is hard work. It's bound to make you sad too. But it won't last forever. This will end (soon!) and you'll be back to writing up a storm. :)