Tuesday, December 6, 2011

time to get to work

I've decided that this blog needs a bit more structure.  Lately when I sit down to write here, I suddenly have to rush off to do the next load of laundry, and realize that those toast crumbs that Cedar left this morning are driving me mad.  I read other blogs, I work on my picture book, I have a million ideas a day, and yet, when faced with this blank page of blogging, I suddenly feel stuck.

The past three months have been quite eye opening in terms of learning about the publishing industry, experimenting with different genres of writing, and entering into the writing community of my town.  I feel more excited and able and empowered about this path than I have about anything for a long time. 

And I find my enthusiasm is met wholeheartedly in the face by the reality of my responsibility as a mom and housewife.  But there are only so many posts I can write about this.  Coffee powered, it is time to really get down to work.

So here's how it will go....
Info Mondays: A link, a news article, or a hot topic of the week. An idea to consider for the week, something about the publishing industry or the latest trends.  A little gem to keep us excited about the world. 

Balance Wednesdays:  An essay crafted with love and patience, and hopefully about something interesting related to the world of writing, but always about finding balance in this life of parenting, writing, and everything else.

Review Fridays: This is all about books, isn't it?  I want to welcome in the books I am reading, have been inspired by, and am discovering. I am not a professional reviewer, but I sure do read a lot, in a lot of different genres. I am currently reading a book I was asked to review. I will promptly develop my review plan for solicited reviews and post it. In the meantime I will review books of my personal choosing.

Tuesday and Thursdays will be for all that random other stuff that lights the bloggy fire.  Contests, events, interviews with those in the know, and developments in this writer's life. And hopefully a few surprises along the way.

Well then, that should cover it.

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