Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas is over for another 11 months, but we still have a few christmas library books kicking around the living room.  One that I particularly liked is called Christmas Tree Farm, by Ann Purnell, illustrated by Jill Weber.  I grabbed this randomly from the holiday shelf a few days before christmas, and was delighted by it.  I suppose anything about trees makes me smile, but this is a sweet little book that captures the spirit of christmas, focuses on nature's beauty and variety, while skipping all the religious stuff.  Just my speed. 

Since Rob and I have been raising this little family of ours we have gotten our tree each year from a farm where you can go wander amongst the trees and find just the right one for your house.  This year was no different.  In early December we took the kids out to a new field, in Newfield, and traipsed about in the sunshine.  After some searching, we found just the right tall, skinny spacey tree.  Talya held the trunk while Rob sawed off the base.  We carried it back to the barn where the owners had cookies and cider waiting. 

This book defines exactly the experience we had (minus the grandparents as tree farmers), but also shows how the people selling the trees work all year round to keep the trees maintained and protected and growing happily in their fields. In the end there is a captivatingly illustrated page of a number of different types of christmas tree trees.  Top the whole thing off with a final page of christmas tree facts, and you're set with a sweet book that truly captures what a lovely experience it is to hunt for, cut, and bring home a tree from your local Christmas Tree Farm.

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