Friday, November 11, 2011

emerging guest post

Emerge (v) 1: to rise from or as if from an enveloping fluid  2: to become known or apparent  3: to rise from an obscure or inferior condition.

They say emerging writer, as a nice way to put the fact that no one knows who you are and you have not been published. It's a friendly way to say you are unknown. I like the term however, and want to call myself an emerging writer.  It gives the impression that one is going places fast, or coming out from an underwater cave into the world above and blinding everyone with your brightness and dryness. 

I am not entirely sure that one can name themself emerging, you might have to be labeled that by someone else.  Hmmm... In any case, I'm sticking with it. And just to show you how emergent I am, check out my post over at the Muffin today.  WOW- Women On Writing thought my 500 words or less was shiny enough to put up on their site.  The underwater cave was nice, but I'm ready to dry off now...

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