Monday, November 14, 2011

Book Fest

This past weekend held a great family fun event all revolving around books for kids! The Family Reading Partnership held their 14th annual Book Fest. Cedar and I stopped by for a visit and ended up staying quite a while. We met up with friends, saw both a tap dancing and a musical performance, met dogs who like to read, and made about 50 stops at local business and organization table to do arts and crafts. Not to mention the books everywhere! You could make a book, read a book or be read to, buy a book, or discover new books you had never heard of.

Throughout the day there was also an author corner that had local kids book authors and illustrators signing books and talking about their work.  A new friend of mine, met through the SCBWI,  Johanna van der Sterre was there doing a bit of watercoloring and promoting her wonderfully illustrated picture books. Check out her website to get an idea of her work.  It is lovely.

After hours of being there, we pulled ourselves away from the fray and made it outside.  Cedar was laden down with paintings, books, a balloon, and magic wands, and he exclaimed with delight- "THAT was FUN!"

I was so pleased he enjoyed himself.  I did too. And so grateful that the Family Reading Partnership puts in this event every year.  If you missed it this year, put it on your calendar for next.  It's worth it.

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