Tuesday, November 22, 2011

balancing act

I'm feeling a bit frantic lately. Trying to keep the writing pace up, networking, working on several projects at once, blogging, reading as much as I can, and going to meetings and critique groups. It's a lot, it's really a full time job, and yet, no one is paying me for it. Then again, no one is paying me for my regular job either, being a mom. And that job is a 24/7 one.
I wonder if someday I got paid to write if it would be easier to put the laundry on hold and stop vacuuming the living room, and just sit down and write? I am not sure. Someone's got to wash the dishes and make dinner, and those activities are in my current job description. So do I have two jobs? Should I schedule out various times each day for each thing and hope it all gets done?

People who work outside the home don't have these troubles. (They have other ones!) They leave in the morning and can't spend their day thinking that instead of working they should be washing the kitchen floor. They are at work. And so they have to put their attention there. Then when they come home they might have piles of laundry and a messy kitchen to deal with, but then their focus is at home.

Well, I sure don't have it figured out, how to balance it all.  But I do know time off to relax from any job is essential.  So with the holiday weekend coming up, and a trip south to visit dad, I get to take a break from the housework and all the chores. Perhaps I can take a break from writing too, and just spend a few days sitting in the hot tub and enjoying some quiet time.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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