Friday, October 28, 2011


You may notice the new badge at the right there that says PiBoIdMo, and be wondering what the heck that is!  It stands for Picture Book Idea Month, and is fashioned after the NaNoWrMo- National Novel Writing Month.  In NaNoWrMo, you dedicate the month of november to writing an entire novel.  For people who write picture books, the challenge is shaped a little differently. 

Instead of creating one complete book, the challenge for PiBoIdMo is to record a new idea for a picture book each day in the month of november.  It could be a name of a book, a developed character, a scene, or a plotline that strikes you as worth writing about.  Coming up with ideas is a way to generate the creative juices, and offer lots and lots of fuel for the flames of the rest of the year.  Begin with all the ideas and then get writing the remaining part of the story.

I'm definitely interested in how this will go, as I take out a new notebook and get my pen ready.  I think of new picture book ideas constantly, and already have quite a list of ideas. I hope that the inspiration pushes me on to become more focused in the execution of one of these books.  Ideas are one thing, but creation is quite another.

This little gem of an idea began with Tara Lazar, over at her blog Writing for Kids (While Raising Them). Tara has an informative and fun site, and is leading the masses of picture book writers on to greatness.  Check out her site, jot down your ideas in november, and write on!


Monica Devine said...

Hi Amanda...I am participating in the NaNoWrMo for the first time and am really eager to get started! For years I kept ideas for kid's books on scrap pieces of paper that I'd throw into a file and revisit. Some of them were published, and now I'm turning my attention to fiction and memoir.
Good luck...have a great time coming up with ideas!

amanda said...

Thanks for stopping by Monica! And good luck with NaNoWrMo!! I'll have to look for your kid's books out there- how cool!